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Locket – new Android app makes you money as you unlock your Android smartphone

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Locket betaWould you install an Android application that put ads directly on your phone’s lock screen? What if you were paid to do so, and whenever you swiped to unlock your smartphone, you made a little money? That’s a new mobile application called Locket, launching today for Android, backed by $500,000 in funding from Great Oaks Venture Capital and a couple of undisclosed angel investors from the marketing and entertainment industries.

The next time you are fiddling with your smartphone over the dinner table, and you get chided for it, just explain the person off that you are making some money. However, need an Android-powered device, of course, in order to get this application known as Locket going. Locket is a legit application that was recently launched on the Play Store, where it enables a bunch of advertisers (for now the selection seems to be rather limited, simply because it has yet to gain momentum – do expect it to increase in due time should the idea catch on) to place an ad on your lock screen, and you’re paid a single cent each time you unlock your device screen. You have to know that this will be limited to just $0.03 an hour, and you can then opt to cash out the money, use the accumulated funds on a gift card, or even to donate your earnings to a charity. If you are unlocking your device 3 times per hour, that’s up to $262.80 per year – assuming you don’t need to sleep.

Locket beta

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  • sharkoparko

    $1.09 ahead already. Thanks Hitachi…I mean hitechtop

  • Donald

    I already cash out $15